Masterlink connector includes USB series, HDMI series, SIM sockets, Micro SD sockets, M.2 sereis, Mini PCI E series, FPC series, RJ45 sereis, SPF series, M5/M8/M12 series



Masterlink - specialty in distribute and manufacture of electronic connector and cable assembly.  Masterlink continuously strive to provide various OEM/ODM connectors for different solutions and live up to our promise to reliably supply.  Discuss with us to get an immediately help.


Masterlink International Ltd. manufactures and distributes connector and ODM/OEM cable assembly.  Its connector ranges Card connector, I/O connector, PCB connector, and Water-proof connector in a wide range, includes USB 4.0 Type C connector/ USB 3.0 connector/ SIM socket/ Micro SD socket/ RJ45 Jack/ Board to Board connector/ FPC connector/ M.2 connector/ Waterproof connector and so on; cable assembly ranges signal transfer cable assembly and wire harnesses that designed and produced according to the various applications.  Ex. LVDS cable assembly/ eSATA cable assembly/ Mini PCI E cable assembly/ HDMI cable assembly/ Ethernet cable assembly/ USB cable assembly.  Masterlink offers one-stop shopping for customers in various solutions.  

With global customers located in industries of Networking and Consumer Electronics which application on 5G, HDTV/UHDTV, LTE/ 4G, IoT/ Intelligent, RFID/Health Care, GPS/ Transportation, Wireless Communication, Masterlink International Ltd. collects experiences and know-how on co-working with various applications, our professional R&D team, high-tech laboratory, and production facility.  These all turns its customers' ideas to reality in time and cost efficiently measures.

To be the most reliable partner, protect its partners' reputation, and to share the benefit with its customers and suppliers during cooperation, Masterlink has policy of sustainable development and profit sharing with its partners.  Masterlink engages on efficiency to support our customers: professional technical consultant/ reliable product quality/ on-time delivery/ real-time after-services, to protect our customer's reputation.  Working with Masterlink will bring you high efficiency work performance.  Contact our team for further helps if needed.


FPC (Flexable Printed Circuit)

Masterlink International Ltd. teams devote on the R&D, design, manufacturer of the FPC ( FLEXABLE PRINTED CIRCUIT) in excellent quality, reasonable price, fast delivery, outstanding technology, and professional services.  Masterlink International Ltd. joins customers' OEM/ ODM projects from the initial concepts, to the adaption and tests on all components of customers' devices, and complete the final productions.  At now, it gets the state-of-the-art new tech and the major key material for FPC, to achieve the high frequency requests on 5G devices.  

Masterlink FPC
Masterlink FPC

Masterlink International Ltd. OEM/ODM FPC for 5G and various application

USB 4.0 Type C connector 

Masterlink's USB4.0 connector (USB Type C) is available from Top Mount, Mid-Mount, Vertical Mount, waterproof IP67/ IP68 standard.  USB4 is a new standard from USBIF, which with signal adopts dual channel transmission, support 40G (20Gbps x2), and simultaneously transmit Display video, combining multiple protocols into a single physical interface, Overall speed and performance of dynamic sharing USB4.0 architecture, Downward compatible with USB 3.2, USB 2.0 and Thunderbolt


Masterlink's CF Express Socket with Push-Push feature


Masterlink USB 4.0 connector in waterproof IP67 Top Mount_MA15-05BC0


Masterlink USB 4.0 connector in dual row SMT_MA15-02DC3


Masterlink USB 4.0 connector Hybrid_MA15-02CC2


Masterlink USB 4.0 connector in waterproof IP67 Mid-Mouint_MA15-05AC0


Masterlink USB 4.0 connector in vertical type_MA15-03C0H-5


  1. SD 4.0 Socket in Reverse Mount (under PCB).  Part number: MA13-024BAAX

  2. M.2 Connector in B key, E key, M key.  Series number: MA17-02BXA-XX2,  MA17-02M01-XX

  3. Mini PCI Express connector in 40mm, 52mm, 80mm, 92 mm height.  Series number: MA17-01XXA-1

  4. SPF connector available in multi-ports: 1xN/ NxN ports.  Series number: MA19-03XXDDC

  5. USB 3.1 Type C Waterproof IP 67 connector in Top Mount design (MA15-05BA1), for multi layer PCB up to 2.0mm thickness

  6. USB 3.1 Type C Waterproof IP 67 connector in Mid Mount design (MA15-05AA1), for multi layer PCB up to 2.0mm thickness

  7. USB 2.0 Micro B/F Waterproof connector (IP67).  Two types available-- Mid-Mount (MA16-01CFMBS-P2), Vertical Mount (MA16-01CFVBS-P2)

  8. USB 3.1 type C connector in Dual row SMT design. (MA15-02DA3)

  9. USB 3.1 Type C Waterproof IP 67 connector in Top Mount design

  10. USB 3.1 Type C Waterproof IP 67 connector in Mid Mount design


SIM socket, Micro SD socket, CF socket, FPC Connector, USB 3.0 connector, USB C Type connector, Waterproof connector

I/O connector - HDMI/ USB/ RJ45

Card connector - SIM/ MiniPCI E/ M.2

PCB connector - B-B/ FPC

Waterproof connector

M12 Connector

USB 3.0 Cable Assembly, RF Cable Assembly, Automotive Cable Assembly, Fiber Optics Cable Assembly, Audio Cable Assembly

USB Cable

Fiber Optics Cable

RJ45 Cable

Coxial Cable

Audio Cable

DC Plug Cable


LVDS Cable, Wire Harness, Wireharness, Automotive Cable Assembly, Audio Cable Assembly

RF Cable Assembly

Battery Cable Assembly

LVDS Wire Harness

AV/RCA Cable

Automotive Multi-Media Cable